Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crazy hermit lady?

In this day and age, with fast food, fast cars, fast planes and trains, fast correspondence, fast deliveries, fast replies, fast weddings, fast marriages, fast childhoods and fast lives, I needed to take some of my precious and increasingly condensed time to pause, contemplate and unravel the complex stresses of my life. I had to learn to BREATHE again.

Two years ago, I decided to give up cable television. For three days and three nights, this was very hard, but then I realized that I didn't miss it. In fact, I found myself having more time to... live! I was suddenly experiencing life more fully! I was walking more and writing more, spending more time outside and reading some of the great works of literature and information books that I had been putting off. It was wonderful! And when my husband and I decided to part ways a short time later (not because of the TV!), I decided to go against the advice of many well-wishing friends and relatives who thought I needed the boob tube for company. 

Breaking the chains of the advertisements that blare at us through the glitzy packaging of programming has actually helped me a great deal. It took a while to fully experience it and sometimes it leaves me out of conversations that are centered around last night's show, but I think in the long run, it has been well worth it. What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree? Do you think I'm a crazy hermit lady? Please, let me know what you think!


  1. You are absolutely not a "Crazy Hermit" lady unless that title appeals to you. Whatever your path ~ enjoy the journey and make no excuses for being you! YOU are awesome!

  2. Thank you, Houseonahill! Sometimes I think that the world is starting to spin so fast, we're all going to fall off! LOL!

    Seriously, I find that slowing down a bit helps me to center and to focus...

  3. Congrats on your blog, Cori. I think the deprogramming value of what you are doing is HUGE. Good for you & I know others will be inspired to "put down the remote and step away from the TV"! Yay! I remember hearing that our brain goes into a very passive mode when watching the "telly"...I think you are awesome to do this!

  4. Crazy? Absolutely not! Well educated and a grreat example of living in the "now."

  5. Cori, I have done the same thing. I sometimes come home from work and never turn my TV on. I just want to enjoy the Quiet of my home. I read, I play bridge, and I now get to bed eariler.
    We just don't get the truth on TV in anymore. We get "lots of lies". I can live very well without the lies.
    Thanks for your program on Tuesday evenings, and thank you for being a "free thinker"

  6. Well, I've been without TV for about 10 years. I don't really miss it (but when I'm in a hotel, it's quite a treat) but now I just play a bunch of computer games... and read... a lot. I definitely would be considered a hermit. I'm sometimes afraid I'll forget how to drive... All in all though, getting rid of the TV with its blaring corporatism and mega-greed was a wonderful thing. I also don't get a newspaper for the same reason. In my opinion, objective journalism is an oxymoron. Everyone has a bias and it shows. When I want to know about something, I use the internet to find a bunch of differing viewpoints... not perfect but better than the TV!